Improving Enterprises
Senior UX Consultant
2011 - 2014
I was hired at Improving Enterprises as a UX Designer and Software Engineer
These are some of the most common tools and technologies that I used
Angular JS
Node JS
Adobe Photoshop
Pug / Jade
HTML Canvas
I worked with Heads-Up Technologies to build an iPad app for passengers on private jets
This project had a variety of challenges such as interfacing with cabin hardware, streaming live radio, notifying of pilot broadcasts, and displaying flight progress
I also worked at GameStop to redesign the entire point of sale process. This included the check out process, card payment workflow, and even the paper receipt
To find improvements to my design, I created a prototype version of the program and tested it with employees
I also created some prototypes for Michaels to simplify the process of arranging photos and artwork for custom frames
I worked with several more companies while at Improving Enterprises
Most projects were either UI/UX or web application development
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